Are you ethical?

Hari ni yang menarik belajar mengenai islamic ethical. Mcm2 teori pasal ethical. Ada setngah2 tempat, ethical bg mereka kalau kebanyakkn daripada mereka menyokong perkara tersebut sebagai ethical..

contoh plg mudah, kahwin sejenis, ada sesetngah tempat menganggp perkara tersebut sebagai what is islamic ethical?

In Islam, Allah is good, His creation also good and Islam wants to protect the good..
Islamic ethical is fitrah..Islam wants to protect the fitrah.. Naturally, we know what is good, what is bad because of our fitrah.. Ask yourself, did you do the bad things or good things..ask your heart. And naturally you will get the answer..

Islamic teaching is just wants to protect our fitrah..if you do the bad things, that is not your fitrah..that are influence from your nafs, your enviroment, your friends and others. this is because you are not strong enough, to protect your own fitrah..

Therefore, if you still do the bad things, you are not ethical..think about that.=)